Employment policy
Panna Group provides equal employment opportunity for all Bangladeshi citizens. It is the policy of the company to attract, retain and motivate qualified and skilled employees within the Company. To do this, the company offers competitive compensation package and provides equal opportunity for career development to all employees. It is believed that in order to achieve the company’s goal, there must be efficient and high caliber human resources.
The formulation and implementation of a sound employment Policy has great importance in the fulfillment of desired objectives. Following are our Guiding Principles.  
Guiding Principles
Panna Group’s employment policies are based on the following guiding principles:

  1. Fairness: Panna Group tries to utilize available human resources at its best. The company does not discriminate against any job seeker and employee on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin or any other factor that does not pertain to the individual’s ability to do the job. Each employee is entitled to fair wages and job opportunities in return for their job, skills, commitment, loyalty, personal interest and best efforts. The Company applies each employment policy in a fair, uniform and consistent manner. Panna Group’s employment policies are strict in the sense that they do not allow any favor, nepotism or preferential treatment to anyone. Any sort of interference or attempt of interference during the implementation of any step of the hiring process by any quarter is seriously dealt with according to the Company policy.
  2. Right person at the right job: Panna Group tries hard to ensure best match of skills and thus recruit deserving and competent persons for the right job at the right time.
  3. Efficient and effective: At all stages of recruitment process, all out efforts are given to ensure that the steps are efficient and effective.
  4. Realistic planning: With the rapid expansion of company’s operations, appropriate HR Planning is given due importance.  
  5. Standard method: The steps and procedures being followed during the course of recruitment, selection and placement conform to the standards of the Company.
  6. Development focus: Where qualified human resources are not readily available, and even their hiring is subject to cost, therefore, the company attempts to develop employees from within. Panna Group is committed to developing its Human Resources to achieve the Company’s vision and goals and will explore and use the available development opportunities.