Internal Compliance Team

Panna Battery Ltd (PBL) has its own dedicated Internal Compliance team having a Compliance Manager who is under the direct supervision of Managing Director. All the Compliance Officers are well educated in Local labor Law Company law, as well as Environmental Law. They are also trained in Wages and Benefit policy, Health & Safety policy. The compliance officers conduct daily routine check of the factory and report to the Chairman through the Compliance Manager. Compliance Manager is involved in Conducting Training Programs for workers on Compliance Issues.


Recruitment Policy

PBL has a written Recruitment Policy. All Recruits are above 18 years of age. It has a strong Recruitment committee, where the Chairman directly takes part to recruit the workers and staffs considering the age first then experiences and skills.


Record Policy

PBL maintain personal file for all workers and staffs with their full Bio-data and necessary particulars. The factory always arranges Attendance Card, makes record of Working Hour, Salary Statement, Leave Record, Disciplinary Action, etc.


Code Of Conduct

PBL has its own written Code of Conduct where it’s present and past position in the policies of Non-discrimination, Gender equality, Security and other related policies are explained in details.


Health & Hygiene

The Factory is clean well with sufficient light, natural flow of air. All floors are well ventilated and well furnished with sufficient hygienic toilets. Toilets are cleaned and well maintained with detergent liquid toilet cleaner and flashing with sufficient quantity of tap water.  Factory workers are provided with healthy food, safe drinking water, antivirus vaccination, and medical support including health check up.


Factory Environment
(Safety Facilities)

The Factory has installed with full range of Fire fighting equipments. Aisles are properly marked and are kept clear at all time to easily move. Fire drills are conducted every month. PBL has its own trained designated Fire fighting team, First aid, and rescue team who can be easily distinguished by their uniform. Beside this 40% of work forces are trained on how to operate fire extinguishers.


Wages And Benefits

Workers are provided with wages as per the legal minimum wage. Wages and overtime charges are disbursed within the 1st of each month.


Other Facilities Provided.

PBL has Healthy and Excellent working atmosphere, Maternity Leave Benefits, Two festival Bonus, Yearly increment of Monthly Salary, Attendance Bonus, Free in-house medical treatment and medicines, All kinds of logistics and financial supports to employees in accordance with the recommendations by the Social Welfare Committee.


Machine Guarding

All machines are equipped with safety guarding, Eye guards and …………………….


Personal Protective Equipments

PBL provides Personal Protective Equipments (PPE) such as Metallic/ Rubber/Woolen/Leather Hand gloves, Masks, Safety spectacles & shoes, Gum boot for relevant machine operators of all factories at no cost.


Grievance Issues

In order to maintain a sound working environment as well as employ management relationship, the factory has a multiple communication media VIZ workers forum, welfare officer’s forum and Suggestion Box to ease the communication system amongst the staff of both management and workers.