Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle)
In pursuit of continuous commitment towards environment, PG practices 3R (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle), a global concept concerning environmental issue.
PG ensures an increase in the ratio of recyclable materials, further reusing of raw materials and manufacturing wastes, and overall reduction in resources and energy use though following ways. 
>> Installation of PFI plant ensures reduction of energy consumption.
>> Replacement of conventional florescent light by Energy saving Bulb ensures reduction of energy consumption.
>> Installation of ETP reduces the volume and concentration of effluent discharge into the natural system ensuring reduced water and soil pollution.
>> Effluent with low concentration of pollutants generated from basins is reused after passing through multi-grade sand filter.
>> Water finally discharged from ETP is reused after recycling through Reverse Osmosis Process for industrial purpose.
>> Paper printed in single side is used for draft
>> Recycle of used battery for recovering Lead, plastic, separators etc.
>> Recycle of ETP-discharged water for industrial use.

PRDF (Panna Rural Development Foundation)
In order to empower its customer, PG established Panna Rural Development Foundation (PRDF) in 2010 which provides sustainable energy and services to the rural households and business. 
PRDF provides entire consumer solutions including product, service & consumer financing though micro credit & cash purchase.

Donation in Prime minister relief fund
PG believes to stand by the people of Bangladesh as part of its commitment towards society. After the tragic incident of Rana Plaza, PG donated to the Prime Minister Relief fund on 7th may, 2013.