Manufacturing Process & Materials

Injection Moulding

  • PPICP Resin is use to produce battery containers which are use to inject in to the mould by high pressure & properly cooling inside the mould. PPICP is food grade plastic & is approved worldwide as being a safe medium of battery container.
  • Battery containers are manufactured using a process called injection moulding. At Panna Plastic, this is done by Injection Moulding Machine from Taiwan (Hwa-Chin).
  • The resin uses to make these containers are imported from Panna Battery Limited approved resin manufactured by Taiwan & Malaysia only.


  • The increased popularity of PPICP (Poly Propylene Impact Copolymer) containers by consumers has called for design innovations by the industry. PPICP containers are ideal for manufacturing Automotive, solar & IPS Battery etc.

Some of the advantage of PPICP container is:

  • Shatter proof
  • Heat proof
  • Excellent barrier to moisture, Oxygen & Carbon dioxide
  • Flexibility in design.