Message from Managing Director

Greeting from Panna Group !!.   
I take this unique opportunity to invite people around the globe to have a close view to our Panna Group website. This will open year vision to know about Panna Group and its sister concerned. Panna Group has a proud story of success in the battery industry and has been retaining its name as the leading Battery manufacturer in Bangladesh due to its enduring commitment to the valued customers. 
Panna Group is an nationwide company drives enormous value in national business. We are one of the country’s leading technology based companies, with operations spanning the Batteries, Solar Technologies, IPS, Jute Processing as well as Plastic Goods and Lubricant Product. Looking around our group, you’ll see that our expertise covers the entire value chain. Research and development is our lifetime, and we build on that to create, manufacture and support a wide range of products.
For more information about our business, please take a closer look at our website 
Wish you all the best.
AL-Haj Md .Lokman Hossain
Managing Director 
Panna Group