Welcome To Panna Distribution Ltd

Panna Distribution Ltd. (PDL) is the  largest distribution wing of the Group, having a present nationwide distribution network of more than 400 Dealers, 300 Retailers and many Corporate Clients. PDL’s portfolio includes Battery brands VOLVO, PBL and Max Power.  PDL is the exclusive sole distributor of the world’s leading lubricant brand Mannol. Through Panna IPS, UPS the company enjoys clear leadership of the emergency power products market. PDL select its

Panna IPS is the ideal power back-up system for continuous power supply during electricity failure. Panna IPS incorporates the latest inverter technology and a built-in microprocessor based control unit that continuously monitors and controls the automatic functions of the IPS distributed by PDL.

In addition, it also runs 13 no. of sales and service centres in Dhaka Chittagong and others divisional city. Recently the company has introduced an exclusive sales & Service centre at Uttar. All Sales & Service Centres are strategically located thus ensuring effective & efficient distribution throughout Bangladesh. PDL endeavours to serve best to its customer effectively and efficiently. 

Panna IPS is designed to meet emergency power requirements for home and office appliances like tube light, fan, television, refrigerator, A/C, microwave, fax, PABX, energy saving lamp, etc. and can be plugged in directly with the main electric supply.  

Panna Distribution has introduced a new range of 18-month warranty system “Panna IPS. The available models for the 18-month warranty system are 350 VA, 400 VA and 600 VA 800 VA 200 VA capacity Stock Keeping Unit parallel to 12 month warranty system for all ranges.