Welcome To PBL Plastic Unit

PBL Plastic Unit is container manufacturer unit of Panna Battery Ltd. PBL Plastic Unit products PP containers for PBL captive use & also selling to other Battery manufactures. It’s containers are produced with technical support & assistance from Europe & Taiwan and  also equipped with ATP & ETP to protect the environment & water pollution which ensure the plastic recycling program to eradicate the environmental hazards . PPL is having production capacity per month approx, 50,000 containers.

PBL Plastic Unit is fully equipped to produce container of various color & all type of plastic spare such as pack, upper pack, side, bottom bar etc.

Poly Propylene Impact Co Polymer (PPICP) is the main raw material for battery containers. PPICP containers are ideal for automotives, solar & IPS Battery.

The advantages of PPICP container is: Shatter proof, Heat proof, Excellent barrier to moisture, oxygen and carbon dioxide, Flexibility in design